• Did you just purchase QuickBooks thinking you could start running your small business books?  After you install the software, you try to go through the templates to set-up your new business, but you are left feeling overwhelmed?  I bet you are sitting at your desk looking at this QuickBooks screen saying “Now What?”  What do I use to set up my accounting with?  What paperwork do I need?  How do I set up my beginning balances, and with what?
  • At Last! The Only QuickBooks® plus Small Business Bookkeeping Instruction Guide translated for the Standard Joe!  Written specifically for the Small Business Entrepreneur that will provide the tools to learning QuickBooks.
  • “I have QuickBooks, Now What” is the most effective and understandable small business “How To” book available today for QuickBooks and Small Business Bookkeeping!
  • For the FREE Laymen’s Term Accounting Glossary that is included in this informative book click on the highlighted link. For a FREE Chapter Preview of the book, please scroll down to the link below.  If you are not ready to go to QuickBooks just yet, get “THE QUICK GUIDE TO SMALL BUSINESS BUDGETING 2nd EDITION” to get you on the right track!
  • You CAN DO your own Small Business Bookkeeping on your own with the only book that will show you in steps explaining in a language that you will understand!
  • The only simplified instruction guide to Learning QuickBooks that takes you from Point A to Point B explaining why as well as where your bookkeeping entries go.  Don’t throw away hundreds of dollars on seminars that leave you feeling like you are in over your head!  The best QuickBooks and small business instruction guide at your fingertips, and you get to keep it!
  • Finally a book that is translated for the small business to understand.  With the Authors honest and truthful approach, you will have more confidence in your success because you will finally be able to understand and maintain your own business bookkeeping! 
  • If your budget is too tight to hire a professional to set-up and maintain your bookkeeping, this book is the best tool your business cannot afford to be without!

You will be able to read and understand what a Balance Sheet and Income Statement really is.  This book was written with the clients needs in mind rather than recreating an instruction book that already comes with your QuickBooks Software when you purchase it.  Everything that you not only want to know, but need to know to make your business bookkeeping work for you! A simplified guide written to help you, the small business, process your  bookkeeping using the leading accounting software QuickBooks®.  This book is compatible with QuickBooks versions 2001 to the QuickBooks 2005.  This book can also be used for 2006 through present however some of the templates have changed, but the principal and flow of instructions are still relevant and useful.

  • Easy to follow templates guiding you from Point A to Point B.  The only instruction guide that answers the number one question every new QuickBooks user asks, “Where do I start, and with what!”
  • How to Set-Up your QuickBooks® Business file, How to input and understand your start up expenses, and maintain your records.  How to read and understand a Chart of Accounts, Balance Sheet and a Profit and Loss Statement.
  • Payroll Instructions and suggestions as well as Personal and Business Tax information.
  • A Trouble shooting guide, Mistakes to avoid, common QuickBooks® questions and problems.
  • AN INVALUABLE WORKING BUDGET AND CASH FLOW CD created in Excel so that you can plan your businesses financial strategy out.  See how much money it’s going to take for you to survive and grow your business.  Easy to follow instructions to make sure your company doesn’t miss a thing.

Click on the link below to get a free chapter preview of what is inside this detailed book and start Learning QuickBooks today! FREE CHAPTER PREVIEW   – Adobe pdf file (608kb)

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