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What is a Freelance Bookkeeper?

If you are looking online bookkeeping jobs or even part time bookkeeping jobs from home and stumbled across the opportunity to do “freelance bookkeeping jobs” keep in mind a “freelancer” is still considered self employed.  Some of the benefits of being self employed, especially as a bookkeeper are;

  • Getting paid what you are worth
    • $10 – $15 per hour is not an appropriate wage to pay a qualified bookkeepers.
    • Freelance Bookkeepers can bill $30 to $65 per hour
  • You are in charge of your own schedule and make your own appointments.
    • You don’t have to ask permission to go to a family event
  • Get treated with respect rather than treated as an employee
    • Your opinion and expertise if valued in a different manner
  • You have the final say in who you accept work with
  • You are responsible for all of your decisions
  • If you are good and take care of your clients, you will be referred out

It’s no secret that self-employment can also be stressful.  Some of the down-sides to being a freelance bookkeeper.

  • You may not always have a consistent flow of revenue
  • Finding clients can take time (but it’s worth it)
  • You are responsible for your own taxes
    • Self Employment Tax 15.3% of net profit
  • Tax time is a bugger if you offer bookkeeping and tax services.
    • Plan to work a lot!

The ultimate question is – Are you happy looking for a job paying you an average of $14 per hour working at least 2080 hours a year for someone else who may not appreciate you and treat you like another hired employee?  Or, would you like to work for yourself and build your client base making at least $30 to $45 hour and have full control of your future?

Many freelance bookkeepers still work full time at a current employer or through a temporary agency while building their client base so they have consistent revenue coming in.  Having side clients on nights and weekends even working those online bookkeeping jobs is also common practice as well, especially with the access and ease of cloud accounting.  So, while you are looking for freelance bookkeeper jobs, know the pros and cons as well as your options.  Your future is worth it!

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