Bookkeeping Jobs from Home

Getting Bookkeeping Jobs from Home

Pros vs. Cons

If you are looking for bookkeeping jobs that you can do from home, keep in mind that there are ultimately two types.  First would be an employed bookkeeper who has the approval to work remotely with their employer.  The second would be considered a self employed bookkeeper who can work remotely or on-site with clients.  Some of the benefits of being a self employed, bookkeeper are;

  • Getting paid $40 to $60 per hour as a self employed bookkeeper
    • $10 – $15 per hour is not an appropriate wage to pay a qualified bookkeepers – this is the range bookkeepers make being employed
  • You make your own schedule and appointments.
    • You don’t have to ask permission from an employer
    • You don’t have to disclose your personal life reasoning when requesting time off of work
  • Clients treat you with respect where your expertise is valued
    • An employee is treated as a lessor authority even if you are exceptional at your job
  • You can choose who you work with
  • You are responsible for yourself and future
  • Detailed bookkeepers who take care of their clients will be referred

Some of the down-sides to being a self-employed bookkeeper working from home;

  • Building a client base takes time (yes it is worth it)
  • There isn’t always a consistent flow of revenue especially in the beginning
  • You now are responsible for your own taxes
    • Self Employment Tax 15.3% of net profit
  • Clients do try to get a hold of you at all hours especially if they know you work at home.

Here is the ultimate question – If you are content finding a job as a bookkeeper paying the average of $14 per hour working at least 2080 hours a year for an employer who is in control of your time but at least know you have a reliable paycheck, then being self employed is probably not for you.  Or, if you thought about working for yourself and want to earn what you are worth and have the ambition to be in charge, then being self employed is definitely for you.

Many professional bookkeepers who have bookkeeping jobs from home still work full time or even through a temp agency so they can increase their client base but still have a paycheck coming in.  They work on their business clients nights and weekends using cloud based accounting software such as Xero or QuickBooks Online.  So, while you are looking for bookkeeping jobs from home, know the pros and cons as well as your options.